I create and curate brands and experiences in the health and wellness, travel and torurism and hospitality industries.

Over the past years I’ve found myself creating in many different ways, from building brands, businesses and websites, to curating health and wellness classes, events, retreats and experiences.

I provide my clients with a range of design + development and mind + bodywork services in various different ways, Through creative coaching and consultancy I help bring brands and ideas to life and through retreats, workshops and 1-2-1 yoga, mediation and Ayurvedic sessions I help my clients to integrate wellness methods into their everyday life, to improve wellbeing and enhance work performance. 

I started my career in the world corporate advertising agencies but quickly moved on to work as a freelance creative designer, developer and business consultant. Health and wellness was always an important part of my life and in 2014 I travelled to India to complete my first yoga teacher training.

Over the past years I’ve completed a number of qualifications including a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries and I have also undertaken an additional 500 hours of specialised yoga teacher training… a 300 hour TTC in Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy, a 100 hour specialist Yin Yoga training, an 80 hour advanced course in Functional Neurology for Yoga and a 30 hour Rocket Yoga Fundamentals course..

I travel as often as I can, bringing my experiences into the work I deliver. I live in the mountains in winter and by the sea in summer, this lifestyle has bought so many amazing opportunities and people into my life.